BizTalk Server 2013 is now RTM!

BizTalk Server 2013 is available on MSDN as of now!


With this, the eighth release of BizTalk is a fact.

These are the new features that are announced for the BizTalk Server 2013 release:

  • Integration with Cloud Services – BizTalk Server 2013 Beta includes new out-of-the box adapters to send and receive messages from Windows Azure Service Bus, making it easy to build hybrid solutions. It also provides capabilities to host BizTalk endpoints in Azure through the Service Bus Relay providing a simple and secure way to connect external partners and application to BizTalk Server on-premises. New adapters include
    • WCF-BasicHttpRelay
    • WCF-NetTCPRelay
    • SB-Messaging
  • RESTful services – BizTalk Server 2013 Beta provides adapters to invoke REST endpoints as well as expose BizTalk Server artifacts as a RESTful service.
  • Enhanced SharePoint adapter – Integrating with SharePoint using BizTalk Server 2013 is now as simple as integrating with a file share. We have removed the dependency on SharePoint farms, while still providing backward compatibility.
  • SFTP adapter –Enables sending and receiving messages from an SFTP server.
  • ESB – The ESB capabilities previously introduced in the ESB Toolkit are now fully integrated with BizTalk Server and the ESB configuration experience is vastly simplified to enable a quick setup.
  • Dependency tracking – The dependencies between artifacts can now be viewed and navigated in the Admin console.
  • Improvements in dynamic send ports –You now have the ability to assign a host handler per adapter, providing better scales and performance for dynamic send ports.
  • XslCompiledTransform – The mapping engine now makes use of the enhanced XslCompiledTransform API, which provides significant improvements in mapping engine performance for complex maps.
  • Ordered Send Port improvements –We have made changes to the BizTalk runtime engine which significantly increases the performance of ordered send port scenarios, for example in HL7 solutions that use the MLLP Adapter.
  • BAM Alerts update – In previous releases of BizTalk Server, BAM Alerts feature had a dependency on SSNS (SQL Server Notification Services). With the current release of SQL Server (SQL Server 2012), SSNS is no longer available. However, we have made sure your existing BAM Alerts scenario work just the same even if your backend is targeting SQL Server 2012. If your backend is SQL Server 2008 R2, you will continue to require the dependency on SSNS.
  • Support for latest LOB version and protocol standards – Additionally, we also support the latest LOB versions and protocol standards. For B2B, the enhancements include
    • Support for X12 5040, 5050, 6020, 6030
    • Support for EDIFACT D06A, D06B, D07A, D07B, D08A, D08B, D09A, D09B, D10A, D10B
    • HL7 2.5.1



With this new release, Microsoft also changed their licensing model for BizTalk Server to a per-core licensing model. This per-core licensing model is consistent with their SQL Server licensing. The impact of the new licensing model for the customer will vary based on how BizTalk Server 2013 will be deployed. Customers running BizTalk Server software on processors with four cores or less will have their license costs remain consistent with BizTalk Server 2010, as core licenses are priced at one quarter the cost of a processor license. Customers running servers with higher capacity processors on the other hand will have their licensing costs grow with the increased power of their hardware. More information on the BizTalk 2013 new licensing model can be found in this document or in this blog.

For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us on (more contact details can be found on


2 comments on “BizTalk Server 2013 is now RTM!

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