BizTalk 2010 Tracking issue: No tracking on ports

We’ve found a problem with the tracking on all of our ports in BizTalk. As well as the receive and send ports didn’t track any messages, although all proper tracking options were set according to the BizTalk admin console. However, when we did a binding export it only showed PipelineEvents as TrackingOption, so ServiceStartEnd and MessageSendReceive were missing.

When configuring all tracking options on the used pipelines, all was working correctly. So only the tracking options set on the ports itself seemed to be ignored.

The problem appeared to originate in the table StaticTrackingInfo of the BizTalkMgmtDB, where a value of 0x10000000 was present for some of the biztalk pipelines instead of 0x13000000. So to set these records straight, I used this T-SQL command:

begin transaction

update BizTalkMgmtDb.dbo.StaticTrackingInfo set imgData = 0x13000000 where strServiceName in(


The problem was rather quickly located thanks to this blog.