BizTalk360 releases version 7.9

BizTalk360 has released the brand new version 7.9 with some very promising new features.

The new release brings some new features for making your life as a BizTalk administrator even easier. You can find this new version on their download page, just hit the link for downloading the latest msi setup or request for your free trial.

The biggest new features are

  • Data Monitoring
  • Export-Import Monitoring Configuration
  • EDI Parties and Agreements access
  • ESB edit/resubmit, bulk resubmit messages

A more in depth information of these features can be found on These new features, together with some minor changes and bug fixes, makes BizTalk360 very useful for your BizTalk environment. It is definitely worth upgrading your current setup or adding BizTalk360 for your daily maintenance and monitoring of the BizTalk environment.

I myself am very excited about the new data monitoring enhancements. With this you can easily automate some simple daily tasks. Besides the already released process monitor, it is also possible to monitor your messagebox, tracking data, BAM, EDI and ESB with the latest release. The most impressive is that now you can even configure some simple execution tasks (resume, suspend or terminate) for the message queries defined on your messagebox. A great way to automate your routine tasks like regularly terminating instances, resuming instances, etc.
The ability to export and import the monitoring configuration facilitates keeping the configuration the same for all environments. Another interesting thing this brings along is that now you can define your own basic set of monitorings to use for speeding up and facilitating the first time setup over multiple environments.

For any questions or guidance with installing or configuring this new version, you can always contact Cnext for support.